TS-H552L Firmware Update

Bear in mind that following these directions may hose your firmware, and as we say in the cell phone community, “brick” your DVD Writer.  That was a risk I was willing to take, since I had just spent $10 on a DVD+RW drive from the fine folks at Free Geek, http://www.freegeek.org

My drive started life as a Samsung TS-H552L sold to HP.  It made its way into several Compaq and HP computers, with no support or documentation whatsoever.  And certainly no firmware updates.  This firmware update caused mine to look back toward its ancestry and become the Samsung SH-W162L it always wanted to be, with firmware version TS04.

I tried them because coincidentally after updating to kernel 2.6.24-18-generic, I started making a lot of frisbees.  So far, it looks an awful lot like I may have bought a cakebox full of them, because the new batch of media is burning smoothly.  I’m curious about trying this in Linux with WinE, but don’t see much point, since my drive is working fine now.  I was finally forced to boot back into my XP Media Center install after two months to make all this work.

The Samsung site does warn that while the firmware update takes place within Windows, a reboot is required to complete the update.  I’ve got no idea how polite WinE would be about that.

Here it is.


Unzip this file to an easy-to-find location.
From the command line, start shdnwin.exe with the -nocheck option:

shdnwin.exe -nocheck

Select the Open Folder icon, and locate the .bin file you just unzipped.  Once selected, click the computer chip icon to start the flash.  All usual precautions for flashing apply.  No reboots, no forced shutdowns, no other programs running until the update completes.

You’ll be asked for a reboot.  I rebooted into Windows to keep from confusing the flash software, just in case.

At this point, my drive believes it’s an SH-W162L, and I can update it with the following file.


Happy flashing!



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15 responses to “TS-H552L Firmware Update

  1. Mark

    I am unable to get this to work for me. The only download I can find has an executable sfdnwin.exe and seems to ignore the -nocheck option.

  2. jusme

    Thanks. Mark, try copying shdnwin to C directory.
    Then>Start>Run Type: CMD hit ok.
    In window type:
    cd \ Enter
    shdnwin.exe -nocheck Enter

    Thanks again

  3. Hello, I have a tsst-ts-h552l and it has been working as HP says “off Windows drivers” but I did have to go and dl the software that runs the lightscribe capabilities. I will tell that this product did have a Driver for it.. I had it for years till it eventually got lost but when I did dl it It said that it would not be available after I think it was 2003 but attached is the weblink to dl LIGHTSCRIBE for you OP system

  4. Eric

    Thanks for posting this! I’ve been trying to update the firmware on a TS-H552L that came with my HP a1230n, and this method did the trick!

  5. Joel

    I’d like to state that the TS04 is for Vista and TS03 for xp and under I’m guessing? Because of the same release date?

    • labrant

      Unsure, Joel. I’m a classic believer in the more/newer-is-better notion. Especially if you’re flashing hardware to fix a specific issue, you don’t want to be stepping through incremental updates one at a time. The documentation and changelogs for bios revisions can be… cursory at best.

      As I recall, TS04 was the newest one available at the time, but failed to flash directly, until I flashed it with TS03. Your results may vary, which is part of what makes hardware flashing exciting and suspenseful.


  6. Fandeboris

    I didn’t know I had a problem until I installed Nero and it couldn’t find he drive. It was the TS-H522L I went through your steps and flashed the drive even though I got a message it was an OLDER version. Did it anyway.Now Nero can use my drive, and everything works. I intend to leave it alone, unless I have issues down the road. Sometimes the old ways are better. 😉
    Thanks for your “rant”

  7. Steve

    Worked great! Thanks so much! (Win XP, only tried TS03) Some many months after I got this hp PC the DVD’s started playing choppy. My best guess is it was some kind of automatic Windows update that messed it up. Rebuilding the PC from the recovery disks brought the ability to play back, but then a few weeks or months later, it would be choppy again. Original links for firmware no longer work, but you should be able to search for SH-W162L_TS03.zip and easily find it.

  8. Dwan

    I have a HP Media Center Pc m7 160n running win xp sp3 media center edition. This desktop was given to me by a friend and when I received it was having a lot problems so I did a factory restore from the partition. After restore device manager can no longer load the drivers for my samsung cd-rom sc-148c or tsstcorp cd/dvdw ts-h552l. I have looked everywhere for these drivers and nothing works. I tried running the sfdnwin exe and it will not detect any drives to flash. If you can help me please let me kn ow…..Thanks

  9. Paul Fraser

    I too wound up with infamous TS-H552L in a Compaq I bought! Tried the firmware listed above, along with instructions above and it works great. Tricks the drive into thinking it’s a SH-W162L drive. Seems to work. Now it plays CDs/DVDs without skipping and also writes as well! Thanks.

  10. Sither

    Thabks a lot) It’s work great on my Pavilion Slimline s7400n))

  11. Fonthiller

    Thrilled to have found this page, but a couple issues after following the guidance:
    (1) Still get same “Insert a disc” popup error and drive tray ejection after flashing w/ the TS03 file and trying to access a disc using windows explorer. (Nothing happens as far as autoplay or the autoplay dialogue box when I put a disc in, but at least it doesn’t spin endlessly as it did pre-flash.)
    (2) The TS04 file you’ve linked does not have a bin file in the zip, so I’m unable to perform the second flash operation.

    • labrant

      Yes, the second file (TS04) is the entire flash program. In other words, the TS03 flash convinces the drive of its true non-OEM identity. Then the TS04 flash proceeds as normal.

      However, the issues you’re describing sound more like a hardware problem, such as a dirty lens or a misaligned head. The good news is that these days a replacement is a quick, cheap process.

      I’m just a cheapskate who likes getting every last bit of life out of my hardware before I actually come to replacing it. 🙂

      • Korver

        Updated to TS03 using your link above, however like Fonthiller mentioned, your TS04 download asks for a .bin file. I was able to get an upgraded version at the link below:

        (This one appears to be 1.99MB)

        Problem is, even after upgrading the firmware to TS04 on my TSSTcorp TS-H552L drive that came with my Compaq SR1720NX, it still won’t read discs and just continually asks me to “insert a disc”.

        I’m running a newly installed copy of Windows 7 Ultimate, which is what caused the problem in the first place. Every since I upgraded from Vista, I can’t read discs. Your instructions were excellent (except for the TS04 download link) but I guess I will have to purchase a new drive.

  12. Adam QD Hall

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I spent hours and hours and hours trying to solve a problem and the info here solved it. Thank you soooooo much, my non-working drive is working again 🙂

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