Linux DVD43 and AnyDVD Alternatives

It’s a bit like “how does one prevent viruses on linux” or “How does one replace the distributor cap on a diesel”? It simply does not apply. In the corporate licensed (locked) world, Windows cannot and will not afford the cost of unlocking DVD’s for every potential user and purpose, so it falls to individual applications to decode DVD’s for playing. Much of the cost of PowerDVD and its ilk comes from proprietary CSS libraries that are incorporated into the program itself. Newer DVD’s require installation of a special program to handle this on a disk-specific basis.

AnyDVD and DVD43 remove CSS protection so that ideally any software package will have access to the contents of any disk. If encryption is updated, only your decryption program needs to be updated, and only a small part of it, not the collection of other programs you’ve got installed already.

This is clearly the simplest solution, though ultimately expensive and legally muddy. The makers of these programs are daily faced with the decision of paying protection fees to content owners to reassure them that they’re being reimbursed for the possibility of illegal DVD copying, or just ignoring their protecion fees altogether, and risking litigation ala DeCSS.

Under Windows, Microsoft retains ultimate control, and no one risks going rogue because along with lawsuits, content owners can simply require Microsoft to shut down a particular program in its next Windows Update. Linux has no such central authority. There is, generally speaking, no one to sue, no one to file an injunction against, no one to threaten. Having a centralized decryption library makes the most sense, and is the simplest solution for DVDs.

libdvdcss accomplishes this, so once it’s installed, it’s as though DVD43 or AnyDVD is always running. By the same token, without libdvdcss, all encrypted dvd’s will appear broken in all programs. We don’t worry about some Hollywood movie conspiracy making a virus to disable libdvdcss, because the thought of allowing anyone else to run our systems, including a virus, is just silly. Additionally, so is the notion of having to install anything proprietary to do anything else.

Actually, you’ll find Ubuntu a good starting place, if nothing else because there’s a simple how-to for just about everything. And everyone is terribly kind about posting commands to use. They’re governed by a community of people who want you to succeed because they want Ubuntu to succeed, so malicious users are few and far between, and rigorously persecuted.

The short of it is that if you’ve got linux on your system and want to [make coffee automatically, change the channel on your tv, send an email] there’s a means of doing so and a how-to as well.

Except for DirectX gaming.


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5 responses to “Linux DVD43 and AnyDVD Alternatives

  1. Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

  2. Thx for the information!!

  3. This was exactly what I was looking for… I hope it works. Thank you so much (if it does)!

    I’m planning on backing up my entire movie library into ISO files then burning them to blank DVD-Rs. I have over 75 movies… but I think it will be worth the cost. Especially if several of these DVDs get broken.

  4. I just wiped out my entirre windows 7 by installing Ubuntu – and didnt know better. Now I lost ANAYDVD ripper.,, I have over 400 movies!!! ripped, and copied with CLONEDVD2. But now I canniot.. will try this new libdvdcss? HELLO everyone, I am new to Ubuntu!

    • labrant

      I’ve seen k9copy work consistently well under Ubuntu. Though I wouldn’t go that route these days — it’s much easier to rip straight to a 3TB drive on your MPC and save the originals in a closet.

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