University of Phoenix on an Android Phone

Buried in the debug settings is the ability to change your built-in Android browser to report as an iPhone, triggering the iPhone forums functionality on your Android phone.

Open your browser. In the address bar, type about:debug, and hit the Enter button (not the suggested shortcut).

If nothing happens, it worked. Select Menu, Settings, and at the bottom, UAString.

From the three easy options, select iPhone, and go back to your UP link or bookmark. When you click the link for the individual class forum, you’ll find yourself at the iPhone interface. Enjoy!


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2 responses to “University of Phoenix on an Android Phone

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  2. Kelly

    This really works, I bought the android instead of the iphone because the screen is larger and the internet is similar to laptop internet browsing, only to find that phoenix website did not work, but this made it work ,thank you , thank you, I now can explore the classroom while at work or anywhere, the very reason i needed the smart phone .

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