Fix Shared Folders on Virtualbox OSE

Here’s the setup: An Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) host, running Virtualbox OSE 1.5.6 straight from the repositories. The guest OS is Windows XP SP3 with various inconsequential pretties. The hardware is a 1.8GHz laptop with 1.25gb of RAM. Not a speed demon.

Here’s the situation: After installation, Windows XP is very happy, fast, and responsive. It browses the internet without any trouble, so I know the network is working, which makes me wonder why oh why can’t I browse the shared vbox folders?

First, make sure that your folder shares are set up in Virtualbox correctly. Shut down your guest. Under Devices, select Shared Folders. Browse to your host folder, give it a name, and hit OK. Restart your guest.

Now that Virtualbox is configured, point your host’s browser to and download it somewhere easy to remember. At this point, you can go ahead and get your guest OS going. From Devices, select Mount CD/DVD-ROM, and browse to your downloaded ISO image when it’s ready. You now have access to the files you need.

Now that we’re prepped, browse to the CD drive in your guest OS, and run the Guest Additions installer. Reboot when it asks you.

When it comes back up, you should be able to double-click on the Network icon on your desktop, double-click Entire Network, where you’ll find “VirtualBox Shared Folders.” Look inside and find your shared folders. Way to go!

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