Solved! Wicd Bad Password with Network-Manager

This turned out to be shockingly simple for something that has so many pages giving scorched-earth instructions such as “completely remove network-manager”. I’m running Xubuntu 10.04 (Lucid), and wanted to be able to take E17 out for a spin, so network-manager and wicd would need to play nicely side by side.

Here’s what worked for me:

– Installed wicd from repositories:
sudo apt-get install wicd
– After much mucking about with settings, threw all preferences back to defaults/auto. In other words, leave wicd settings alone.
– Added myself to the netdev group:
sudo gpasswd -a USERNAME netdev
– Logged out and back in for group add to take effect.
– Right-clicked the network-manager-applet and selected Disable Networking.
– Opened wicd and configured the properties for my wifi access point (encryption type and password/key).
– Closed wicd, reopened. Scanned for networks (came up empty). Scanned again. Connected!

It seems I can only use one connection manager at a time, but at no point have I uninstalled network-manager in any way.


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