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Rooting the Transform Ultra

Since we’re talking about potentially bricking, destabilizing, or infecting your phone, you should probably take a peek at the downloaded files before you proceed. While they were fine ten minutes ago, things can always change, and it’s your pocket change you’ve spent on this fine gadget. Proceed at your own risk. You might improve it, or you may very well destroy it.

This doesn’t flash your phone the way older rooting protocols did. This just unlocks the phone and installs a superuser application. Superuser? Supereasy you mean!

1. Download and unzip: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12510094/Transformdatphone.zip or http://www.forums.acsyndicate.net/attachment.php?attachmentid=420&d=1318793570

(1b. If you’re running linux or mac, update the permissions of the run.sh file to allow for execution: chmod +x run.sh.)

2. Connect your phone using the USB Cable. Prep the phone by going to the home screen, Menu, Settings, Applications, Development, and enable USB Debugging.

3. If you’re in Windows, double-click on PHONETRANSFORM.bat. For linux or Mac, open a terminal, navigate to the transforrrm folder, and run “sh ./run.sh”

4. Sit back and wait for your phone to reboot. It’s seriously that easy.


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